Amadeus Selling Platform

Your next generation point-of-sale application already used by over 300,000 agents throughout the world!

Amadeus Selling Platform is an effective and productive point-of-sale solution for online travel agency call centres and retail shops. Offering the choice between easy-to-use graphical views and traditional command pages, browser-based Amadeus Selling Platform will help you save time, enhance customer relationships and manage your business more efficiently and profitably.

Great advantages for your business!

Access and sell all your content from a single point:

  • Access all your content including air and non-air, GDS and non-GDS, and 3rd party content from a single point in a single interface.
  • Integrate external applications and websites and update PNRs with external data automatically.
  • Use simple tabs to move between modules instantly.

Increase agent efficiency:
  • Increase agent speed and accuracy with Amadeus Selling Platform's customised guided workflows, scripting capabilities, built-in quality control tools and automated tasks.
  • Improve quality and efficiency by streamlining business processes thanks to the seamless integration of your existing applications with other content sources.
Reduce costs:
  • Save on agent training as the user-friendly graphical interface allows novices to handle booking applications quickly and easily.
  • Maintain and update browser-based Amadeus Selling Platform easily and cost-effectively as it does not require repeated investments.
Why Amadeus Selling Platform?

Comprehensive: access both air and non-air content from a single point on a single screen in a fully integrated way.
Seamless integration: its unique open architecture allows integration with external content and applications, aggregating GDS and non-GDS content in the same booking application.
Increased agent efficiency and productivity: your agents can maximise sales in less time thanks to its built-in efficiency tools and user-friendly workflows and easy to use GUI.
Scalable: it is suitable for the smallest start-up agency and can
be scaled up and customised to suit the most demanding multinational customer.
Quick and easy implementation and automatic upgrades: browser-based solution enables quick and cost efficient updates resulting in minimum disruption to your business.
Additional Services

Business Consulting: IT and systems diagnostic, business processes analysis, and data modelling services in order to best tailor Amadeus Selling Platform to your specific environment and needs.
Custom Development: Solution design, development and testing, as well as development assistance in order to customise Amadeus Selling Platform for your business.
Implementation and Integration: Configuring, installing, testing and ensuring a smooth integration of Amadeus Selling Platform with other applications in your specific IT environment.
Support Services: Providing high quality, flexible, and fast functional and technical expertise to your team to support your customised Amadeus Selling Platform.
Project Management: Leading the implementation of your customised Amadeus Selling Platform, ensuring smooth and on-time delivery of the project.
Educational Services: Increase your agents' and technical teams' productivity within the shortest time-frame thanks to specific custom training adapted to your newly customised solution.
Amadeus Activities & Entertainment

A brand new first time ever B2B & B2C platform for destination content accessibility by a GDS in India! You can book event tickets, airport lounge services, city tours, activities and a great deal of options to choose form. Just through the click of a smart tab on Amadeus Selling Platform you can access over 400 destinations around the world. Make the trip a hassle free experience. Give an option to your customer to access it through Amadeus CheckmyTrip.

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