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Amadeus Dial E-Ticket

E-Ticket issue through SMS Technology

Amadeus brings to you a facility to get E tickets issued through SMS technology. This is a product for all those who need tickets issued post business hours or on holidays!

  • The access to this product is very simple. The user just needs to sign an agreement allowing Amadeus to issue tickets on behalf of the agent.
  • Once the agreement is signed, the users mobile numbers and mail ids are registered in the Amadeus system.
  • After the registration is completed, the user just needs to type DIALETKT and SMS to 9810666600. Within seconds, the registered user will get a response back giving him his priority number and asking him to keep the details ready, and the User will get a call back
  • The Amadeus Office will remotely sign-in to the agent office id to issue the ticket.
  • Finally there would be a mail sent by Amadeus Office to the registered user and the agency's Director with the ITR.

Registration process of the Product:

The agency registers for this service by signing an agreement with Amadeus India. The details of agency director & agency staff are required for updating database at the time of registration from Agency Director.

Agency Director Details Agency Name Director's Name Address City Country Mobile No Phone No Email ID Login ID
Agency Staff Details Staff Name Office ID IATA No. Sign in Duty Code Password Email ID Mobile No.

DO's & DONT's:

  • This product is designed to issue fresh tickets only (no Reissues & Refunds are accommodated) 
  •  Amadeus staff will not issue E tickets on verbal request. They will issue E tickets only for those requests, which are received via authorised mobile no.
  •  If agency authorised staff has resigned from the organisation then it is agency owner's responsibility to get the access deactivated from using DIALETKT product.
  •  The authorised staff calling Amadeus for issuing E tickets will provide Fares & PNR details. 
  •  Amadeus is not responsible for CANN cases (E tickets rejects).
  •  Agency Director has to provide authorised Sign-in's to Amadeus India at the time of registration so that Amadeus staff can process the sign in for opening remote access.

Amadeus India Product Management Team